Christmas Bells

Arrive on site ready for your Christmas party to kick off in style!

  • Your group will be met by a member of staff.
  • A group briefing will be given with details about all activities.
  • Your group will lead to the Elf warrior axe throwing range where you will be given full instruction on how to Axe throw.
  • It will then be time to master the art of Archery, you will be given tuition by one of our experienced instructors.
  • Following completion of both activities your group will receive feedback, then taken back to base where refreshments will be available to purchase.
  • You will be able to relax in style in the evening with VIP entrance to Le Chic club one of Bournemouth’s most popular clubs.

What's included?

(You will receive a minimum of 10 arrows.)

(Guest list entry to Le Chic night club for every person in group.)


Axe Throwing in Bournemouth

Discover the native American inside you, as you launch traditional tomahawks spinning towards the target. Receive expert instruction and challenge yourself as you move further away from the target Nearly all can manage to get the axe in the target with one spin, the competition comes when you move further away and go for two or three rotations.. 

The axe throwing is run within our Zombie apocalypse package which gets you trained in all manners to finish of those undead types. The package includes Assault rifles, axes, crossbows and archery with all this for just £64 per person!

stag group on archery

You're probably not good enough to split your opponent's arrow, but our expert instructors will soon have you hitting the target where it counts. Master your form and control as you clock up the points to beat your opponent's score in this ancient sport.


Le Chic Bournemouth
Le Chic Nightclub

Time to finish your staff Christmas party in style with VIP entry in to Le Chic, one of Bournemouth's most exclusive clubs. VIP will mean you get straight to the front of the queue and in to the club free of charge.