Christmas Bells

Arrive on site ready for your Christmas party to kick off in style!

  • Your group will be met by a member of staff.
  • A group briefing will be given with details about all activities.
  • Your group will be taken on to Santa's Assault rifle range where you will be given a full safety briefing including all range rules. You will then be able to get hands on and begin the shooting competition.
  • Once the day's excitement has drawn to an end, the evening entertainment will begin starting with an evening meal at pizza express to fill your bellies
  • For a finale you can dance the night away with exclusive VIP entry in to Le Chic one of Bournemouth's most popular and exclusive clubs.

What's included?

(Your group will receive 40 bullets each on the assault rifles)

(Pizza Express, starter, pizza and a soft drink.)

(Entry in to Le Chic)


Assault rifle shooting at Max Events near Bournemouth

Get your hands on these awesome weapons and feel the weight of cold steel as you shoulder a high powered assault rifle. These are the real deal, firing .22 bullets and offered in the form of the famous Heckler & Koch MP5 sub machine gun, the H&K 416 and Ruger Archangel assault rifles. Get your eye in on some standard targets before you move onto the Firebird exploding targets and mutilating the zombies!


Pizza Express Meal
Pizza Express Meal

Time to sit down and relax with your colleagues and tuck in to a hearty Pizza at one of Britain’s most successful pizzerias. Deal includes Soft drink, Starter and Main (Pizza).

Le Chic Bournemouth
Le Chic Nightclub

Time to finish your staff Christmas party in style with VIP entry in to Le Chic, one of Bournemouth's most exclusive clubs. VIP will mean you get straight to the front of the queue and in to the club free of charge.